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5 Tech Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Have a “Cat Lawyer” Moment

Let’s face it—we’re all sympathetic to your situation, Cat Lawyer. Amused, but sympathetic.  WFH is hard. It’s tiring attempting to convince fellow Zoom-mates that you are indeed “not a cat,” even though your video filter is telling a different story. Integrated features like a cuddly cat filter (or even a potato filter) seem to have […]

Cybersecurity Risks to Look Out For

In a world where people rely on technology to store and transmit much of their sensitive information, it is critical that internet users are aware of the possible risks associated with technology. The internet is always evolving, thus making it critical for our knowledge of safe cybersecurity processes to be constantly growing and evolving with […]

How to Update Your IT Budget in 2021

It is a good idea to take the New Year as an opportunity to reevaluate your goals and your budget. Technology and IT should be a large priority for your business, as it ensures you are up-to-date in an increasingly digital work environment. Some ways you can plan for the new year include ●   […]