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At Stasmayer, we have years of experience working with law firms to optimize their IT for maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security. We go beyond generic technology solutions to give law firms the tailored IT support they need and help them achieve their business goals.

As an example, one law firm we worked with was a 15-person timekeeper firm that was not billing for emails. When we did the math, they were losing about $200,000 in unbilled time per year. The IT company they had previously worked with simply didn’t know what systems to recommend or how to make them work. 

With our industry expertise, Stasmayer was able to partner with this client, implement and manage cost-saving systems, and save this firm hundreds of thousands of dollars. We were able to provide massive value to this client by applying both our industry knowledge and customized solutions for the client.

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Our Services for Law Firms

Because Stasmayer understands the business model of a law firm and how to support your technology to achieve daily processes, we can offer the highest quality technology solutions for your needs. Ultimately, we know what technology recommendations will improve your efficiency, provide increased customer loyalty, and make you the next-generation law firm.

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What Makes Stasmayer Different?

We set ourselves apart as a top Managed Service Provider by offering solutions that will uniquely position your firm to gain a competitive edge through increased productivity, greater security, and lower costs. When you work with our dedicated IT staff, you can enjoy several benefits that aren’t offered by a typical IT provider.

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Get Your Own Outsourced IT Department

With our managed IT services, there’s no need to finance expensive in-house teams or rely on break/fix providers to manage your IT. You can outsource everything to our experts.

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Improve Firm Revenues

From minimizing downtime to implementing cost-saving technologies, we help your firm save money. Our affordable solutions also help you increase productivity, which in turn increases profit.

Benefit from Our Vertical Knowledge

Unlike many IT providers, we have years of specific industry knowledge and experience in the law sector. We understand your regulatory compliance needs, your daily processes, and your technology challenges and work hard to provide the best solutions for you.

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Make Your Firm the Next-Generation Law Firm

Instead of simply getting short-term fixes for your technology, we prepare comprehensive plans to align your entire IT infrastructure with your long-term business strategy. We protect your legacy and help you survive for generations to come.

Shift the Risk of Managing Your IT to Us

Instead of using your valuable time to try to protect your digital assets on your own, let us handle the risks of technology and use our vast industry knowledge to keep your systems secure.

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