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At Stasmayer, we are proud to have years of experience working for professional service companies, offering essential IT support that boasts maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and high-level security. We aim to offer each and every company a tailor-made approach to IT support, ensuring that we are able to perfectly meet their business and industry needs.

We serve companies in all areas of professional services, including accountants, financial advisors, engineers, architects, consultants, and more. We understand that professional service companies vary greatly from one another and face their own unique technology challenges, and because we’ve seen it all, we are well positioned to optimize your IT infrastructure for whatever your needs may be.

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Our Solutions for Professional Service Companies

Whether you’re working with virtual and geographically distributed team members and clients, finding solutions to safely storing and exchanging data, or maintaining a secure network infrastructure, we have the skills, experience, and knowledge to provide an outstanding level of IT support. 

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What Makes Stasmayer Different?

At Stasmayer, we are able to offer solutions that are uniquely designed to perfectly meet your company’s exact IT needs.

Get Your Own Outsourced IT Department

With our highly skilled team on your side, there’s no need to pay for an expensive in-house IT team or break-fix solutions—we are on hand to help manage every IT issue.

Shift the Risk of Managing Your IT to Us

Instead of attempting to manage data breach risks and IT hacking issues yourself, let our highly skilled and experienced team mitigate risks for you.

Improve Your Bottom Line

By minimizing the risk of downtime and utilizing cost-effective technology, you can reduce your spending and increase profitability.

Benefit from Our Vertical Knowledge

Unlike many IT support services, we offer a specialized, industry-specific approach to your IT management, giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Future Proof Your Business

We offer strong, secure plans designed to not only meet your current needs but also to support your goals for the future and keep your business lasting for generations.

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