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Providing reliable managed IT services in Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, and the Carolinas for over 21 years, Stasmayer’s goal is to protect your revenue, preserve your reputation, and reduce your risk.

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Reliable Managed IT Services

Partnering with Stasmayer for your technology needs means getting all the resources, support, and consulting you need, when you need it. Even from our humble beginnings in a dorm room, our team at Stasmayer has always been dedicated to providing businesses in South and North Carolina with best-in-class managed IT services that take the hassle out of technology.

Now, 21 years later, we can proudly say we have become an awarded top Managed Service Provider and have a 99% customer satisfaction rate. 


Reduce IT Frustration With a Strategic IT Partner

Partnering with a Managed Service provider like Stasmayer allows business owners to offload the complexities of IT management, enabling them to focus on core business functions. MSPs bring expertise, scalability, and cost-efficiency to the table, ensuring that your technology is aligned with your personal business goals.

From proactive monitoring and maintenance, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape. Partnering with Stasmayer is crucial for businesses looking to leverage technology strategically while ensuring a secure and optimized IT environment.

Our Managed IT Services

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IT Consulting

We offer expert guidance to custom-tailor your IT strategies according to your unique business needs.

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IT Support

We take the stress out of IT management by getting immediate support when issues arise.

Cloud Servers

Make remote data access and team collaboration simple with our hosted cloud servers.

Backup Solutions

We ensure that your data can still be accessed, even in the event of an IT emergency or security incident.

Help Desk

Get quick incident response and resolution services when you become part of our managed services network.

Data Security Solutions

Protect your data with our cutting edge security solutions that prevent data loss and theft.

Office 365

We make your remote team more efficient than ever and reduce your overall spend with our hosted Office 365 solution.


We safeguard your networks and make sure they run at optimal efficiency with our networking services.

Infrastructure Hosting

Get web hosting, off-site backup, and more through our top-rated infrastructure hosting service.

Email Encryption and Security

We protect your email communication through end-to-end encryption and email security services.

Virtual Desktops

Access work computers remotely and optimize your processes through our virtual desktop solutions that can be used across several operating systems.

Industries we Specialize In

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Download our free and easy Into the Era of Secure Remote Work Booklet to ensure that you’re business is ready for The Digital Era.

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A comprehensive review of business opportunities and security risks associated with the rise of remote work.

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  • Security analysis
  • Tips for remote workers
  • Three steps to improve security
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Tailored IT Services

Our motto is one product, one process, one way because we’ve fine-tuned our managed IT services to become the best of the best. Our product is excellently managed services, our process is to provide tailored solutions to each unique client, and our way is to make sure our customers are always taken care of.

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