Configuring Cloud-Based File Sharing for Remote Work

it professional working in server room on cloud services

Since the onslaught of a continuing global pandemic, most of us have had to adjust to working remotely in some capacity. Now, for some, the tricky decision becomes which pair of sweatpants to wear to work. For others, data security has become something to lose sleep over. With remote work becoming the new normal, ensuring […]

Driving Optimization with IT Solutions for Manufacturing

it professional providing it solutions for manufacturing business remotely

We’ve seen this before: a factory floor, filled with the hum of machinery and the energy of countless workers working to meet deadlines. In the heart of it all stands an exhausted production manager, facing another setback due to an outdated IT system. Sound familiar? It’s a scene all too common in the manufacturing world. […]

Making Microsoft Azure Your Ultimate Companion for Remote Work

business man working in office utilizing microsoft azure services on his computer

Workplace mobility has become a necessity for small business owners who need to flexibly manage their operations from various locations. In order for this mobility to function properly, the right software solution is required. Enter Microsoft Azure services—designed to empower businesses with the tools to carry ‘business as usual’ wherever they go. If you’re looking […]

Finding the Right IT Provider: Why Managed IT Support Services Trump Copier Companies

two managed it support services professionals working in server room

Copier companies have been known to provide support to businesses over the years with the services they provide. And as we’ve advanced into a more technology-driven business-scape, copier companies have stepped up their game, claiming they can handle all of a small business’s IT needs. However, while they’re certainly experts in their field, businesses that […]

James the Manufacturer – Keep Your Business Secure

animation of coworkers working on bicycles at manufacturing company

Once upon a time, there was a manufacturer named James. Every day, James and his employees would make bicycles. One day, an employee clicked a link and installed ransomware on their network. Because of that, James’ company’s production shutdown. Because of that, he had to pay the ransom. Because of that, kids didn’t get any […]

Mary the Business Owner – Maintain Efficient Company Communication

animated woman working on computer using M365 suite

Once upon a time, there was a business owner named Mary. Every day, she would send emails to her staff via a browser. One day, her staff didn’t get one of her important emails. Because of that, Mary’s business missed a project deadline. Because of that, Mary lost a lot of money. This made Mary […]

Keep Malware Away from Your Business with a Cybersecurity Professional

coworkers working on computer at desk in office

Online work has ushered in amazing conveniences and opportunities for businesses, but it has also brought with it an alarming vulnerability—malware. Cyber threats are nothing short of a modern-day calamity; they wreak havoc on systems, compromise sensitive data, and can bring even the most robust organizations to a grinding halt.  This article is a wake-up […]

5 of the Most Frequent Tech Issues and How a Tech Support Service Can Resolve Them

Young tech support services operators at work in contemporary call centre

Technology is at the heart of modern business operations, powering productivity, communication, and innovation. However, with the increasing complexity of tech ecosystems, it’s no surprise that tech issues can become a regular pain point for many companies. At best, a malfunctioning device can be a minor inconvenience, but at worst, it can bring business operations […]

Stasmayer, Incorporated Recognized on CRN’s 2024 MSP 500 List

CRN MSP 500 2024

March 4, 2024 – Stasmayer, Incorporated, an IT support and IT security company based out of Charleston, South Carolina, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Stasmayer, Incorporated to its Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category for 2024. The MSP 500 list compiled by CRN […]