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6 Benefits of Utilizing the Microsoft Azure Portal for Your Business

coworkers in office using microsoft azure portal for completing tasks

With the increase of integrated technology in business comes the need for better IT solutions and services. Microsoft Azure Portal is one of the most popular cloud-based platforms on the market today, offering a variety of features to help businesses succeed in their digital transformation goals. In this article, we are going to take a […]

Everyone Has an “IT Guy,” But is Your Business Receiving the IT Support it Needs? What You Need to Know

woman working in office utilizing it support services

Back in the 90’s, when networks were simple and pants were baggy, businesses only needed one designated “IT guy” to function. You might picture one single individual somewhere in your office, tinkering away at his computer and taking care of any IT issues that come up. Times have changed a lot since then.  Technology has […]

Increase Law Firm Productivity & Profits With Strategic Practice Management Software

partners of a law firm discussing agenda

Many legal professionals struggle with managing their time and resources efficiently, which often leads to decreased productivity and profits. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! Strategic practice management (SPM) software can help legal professionals manage their cases and operations more strategically, increasing efficiency and profitability. In this blog post, we will discuss what […]

It’s Time To Modernize Your Approach to Your Business Cybersecurity: How Vulnerable is Your Organization to the Growing Ransomware Threats?

woman working on computer with business cybersecurity protecting her systems

In 2023, we are seeing a profound wave of obstacles and threats forcing organizations to rethink how they do business. One threat, however, stands above the rest in terms of being significantly detrimental to success—the growth of ransomware threats.  In 2021 alone, we saw nearly 66% of businesses hit by some form of a ransomware […]

What Should A Law Firm’s Business Continuity Plan Include?

attorneys meeting in office discussing business continuity plan for their firm

It’s an unfortunate fact of business that disasters, big and small, occasionally happen. Whether we’re talking about natural disasters, employee negligence, or cyber attacks, law firms must have a comprehensive business continuity plan in place to protect the sensitive data and documents they are entrusted with. What is a Business Continuity Plan? A business continuity […]

Cybersecurity Travel Tips To Keep in Mind During Your Next Excursion Abroad

male traveling abroad, implementing cybersecurity travel tips

Calories may not count on vacation, but cybersecurity sure does! If you, like many Americans these days, are finding it more and more beneficial to squeeze in a little work while you are traveling, then it is essential to make sure you have the right cybersecurity measures in place. You don’t want your work (or […]

Inflation Proof Your Business and Stay Competitive in this Economy

saving money inflation proof

How does inflation affect your business? The prices for basic necessities like fuel, utility bills, groceries, and housing have all gone up, so the cost of doing business has too. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your company is able to weather any economic storm and stay competitive in today’s market.  […]

How to Encourage Digital Transformation without Putting Your Data at Risk      

woman working on two devices

As digital companies continue to drastically reshape industry after industry, many companies are beginning to find themselves dangerously vulnerable to digital threats as they embrace digital transformation post-COVID-19. Whether it’s offering digital products or services, optimizing customer service, improving customer engagement, or expanding digital channels for customer payment processes, digital transformation involves many risks that […]

5 Critical Elements of Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity within Your Organization

cybersecurity team

Too often we are seeing businesses invest in cybersecurity solutions long after an attack or data breach. The hard truth is that this is just way too late. With the average cost of a data breach hovering somewhere around $4.35 million, do you think your business can afford to be reactive with your security for […]