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Stasmayer provides award-winning and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for businesses in Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Greenville and the Carolinas.  We help your business stay secure in today’s advanced threat landscape. 

Managed IT Security

Businesses continue to transition into using advances in technology to increase efficiency and productivity, but may not be aware that by doing so, they’re also becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Partnering with Stasmayer for proactive cybersecurity solutions helps mitigate cyber risks.

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Benefits of Partnering with Stasmayer for IT Security

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Protecting Your Organization From Modern Security Threats

Many of these attacks are aimed at small to mid-sized businesses with low cybersecurity, as those organizations are usually the ones that have the weakest cyber defense against these types of attacks.

In order to keep your business secure and safe from cyber attacks, Stasmayer will leverage security solutions and services based on your business-specific needs including industry-specific compliance regulations.

Challenges Businesses Face with Cybersecurity

The threat landscape continues to get worse and with that organizations are advised to strengthen their cybersecurity measures to protect from the evolving threat landscape.   A few of the bigger challenges businesses are facing: 

Lack of Staff or Resources to Properly Secure Their Data

SMBs struggle to spread awareness of the latest cyber threats to employees and teach them how to protect themselves from those threats.

Security Solutions Are Not Customized to the Business Needs

Without a strong IT security system in place, businesses are at risk of suffering data breaches, which can lead to loss of revenue, damage to reputation, and regulatory fines.

Poor Cloud Security

Organizations raced to cloud solutions at the start of the pandemic to help support remote work and doing this allowed for poorly configured solutions that are easy for cybercriminals to attack.

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