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At Stasmayer, we understand that the IT needs required in the manufacturing business will differ from other industries. Our tailored support packages are designed to take into account the unique challenges your manufacturing business may face. We can give you the tools to connect multiple worksites through streamlined networks while eliminating risks.

Our years of experience in the manufacturing industry allows us the perspective to know how to understand your business needs. These may include software management for automated inventories, warehouse management, and sales tracking, alongside design programs and networks linked to your machinery across multiple sites.

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Our Solutions for Insurance

Get support tailored towards the specific software and systems required to run a manufacturing company, all the way from conception, through production, to sales. Stasmayer produces a complete IT strategy that handles all of your concerns and keeps your company efficient and secure. Some of our services include:

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What Makes Stasmayer Different?

Here at Stasmayer, we pride ourselves on being different from other IT providers. We put our clients first in integrating and maintaining IT systems specific to their company needs and goals. Our positive reviews from clients reflect our dedication to quality performance and service for the best value. Our unique approach to client service provides the following benefits.

Get Your Own Outsourced IT Department

Get access to your own IT support so that you can focus on your business. In-house teams and break-fix solutions can be unnecessarily expensive and drain company resources. Our experts can manage every IT issue on your behalf.

Shift the Risk of Managing Your IT to Us

Rather than attempting to manage data breaches and system fixes alone, let us take on the responsibility and apply our expertise. Our highly skilled and experienced team will handle your IT needs, mitigating the risks and ensuring your production remains on track.

Increase Profitability

Effective IT services can streamline your network, decreasing potential lag and downtime. Our systems can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes and daily operations and allow you to minimize costs and maximize output.

Benefit from Our Industry Knowledge

We develop personalized plans for your company that are informed by years of experience in the manufacturing industry. These tailored solutions will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Future-Proof Your Business

Our plans are strong, secure, and long-lasting. We design strategies that don’t just meet your current needs, but also support your goals for the future. With our IT support, your manufacturing company will remain protected, lasting for generations.

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