Mary the Business Owner – Maintain Efficient Company Communication

animated woman working on computer using M365 suite

Once upon a time, there was a business owner named Mary.

Every day, she would send emails to her staff via a browser.

One day, her staff didn’t get one of her important emails.

Because of that, Mary’s business missed a project deadline.

Because of that, Mary lost a lot of money.

This made Mary sad.

Finally Mary met Stasmayer, and Stasmayer introduced her to Microsoft 365.

Now Mary can chat with her employees in Microsoft Teams, follow up on important emails and deadlines with Microsoft Outlook, and have increased security within her tools and systems.

Mary was happy again.

Fewer things are more disruptive or frustrating than experiencing a technical disconnect in communication between clients, or even between coworkers within your own organization. They can cause a domino effect of issues that you may never have seen coming. So why go through stressful experiences like these when there’s a customizable solution built to prevent such disruptions?

Stasmayer has partnered with Microsoft 365 services to deliver the perfect solution that’s as easy to use as it is effective. You’ll be able to seamlessly and securely communicate with customers and associates alike, on top of keeping track of deadlines and important reminders.

Don’t let your company’s communication become a weak point of your business—trust Stasmayer with customized solutions and increased security measures built to make your life easier. We’re ready to help keep your business modern and optimized.