Microsoft Edge’s 2021 Features and How to Use Them

The new Microsoft Edge web browser is based on Chromium and offers significant memory usage, better security and privacy, improved compatibility, and fast loading speed. 

Microsoft Edge has continually been updated to provide the best experience to Windows 10 users, supporting Chrome extensions, having inbuilt tools for the best online shopping experience, keeping your accounts more secure, and much more.

Moreover, you can install it on all versions of Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. Let’s find out some of its new features that you would want to look out for and how best you can use them to make the best out of Microsoft Edge.

Edge Extensions

The new version allows you to install extensions from Microsoft Edge Addons Store or Chrome Web Store. By clicking on the Getextensions link on the settings menu, it will direct you to the add-ons on Microsoft Store, where you will be able to view all available extensions. 

You can then install the extensions by clicking the Get button, then the Add extension button.

Alternatively, you can add an extension from Chrome Web Store by turning on the switch next to Allowextensionsfromotherstores on the extensions pane, then confirming by clicking the Allow button. 

It will take you to the Chrome Web Store, where you can select an extension and add it by clicking the Add to Chrome button. 

By adding extensions to your browser, you get a more personalized experience since all your favorite extensions will be a click away.

Creating Multiple Profiles

Microsoft Edge has a fantastic feature that enables you to share your browser with other users by creating multiple user accounts. You can use this feature to set up separate user accounts for your employees. 

While sharing your browser, it ensures that your information and preferences are not shared. This feature makes it easier for you to separate your stuff from work profiles.

Each of the user profiles you add connects independently to a different Microsoft account. Microsoft Edge also has a feature that will easily navigate your accounts by automatically switching between profiles.

The New Password Feature

Passwords are necessary credentials for the safety of your information. Microsoft Edge has a password generator that can suggest and generate strong passwords when signing up for an online account. 

To enable the password generator, open your browser, head to settings, and click profiles. Click the Passwords option under the “Profiles” section and turn on suggest strong passwords toggle switch.

However, with the increase in cybersecurity risks, businesses will need more advanced tools to safeguard their passwords from hackers. Most managed service providers have complex systems that protect all your devices connected to a network to ensure ultimate security for your company network and individual computer systems.

Efficiency in Online Shopping

Microsoft Edge has an inbuilt tool that enables you to get the best deals and save money on online shopping by comparing prices across websites and getting alerts on coupons and promo codes. 

Once you enable the shopping feature on Microsoft Edge, you will automatically receive alerts whenever available.

More Features

Microsoft Edge is being continually developed and has many more features that empower productivity, enable you to collect stuff from the web, read websites without clutter, take screenshots, and browse across devices.
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