How to Update Your IT Budget in 2021

It is a good idea to take the New Year as an opportunity to reevaluate your goals and your budget. Technology and IT should be a large priority for your business, as it ensures you are up-to-date in an increasingly digital work environment. Some ways you can plan for the new year include

●   Reviewing past budget successes and failures

●   Keeping an estimated budget; don’t budget down to the last penny.

●   Budgeting for repairs and replacements

●   Aligning your budget with your goals

●   Investing in security and training

Making improvements to your IT will help to keep your sensitive data safe.

Review Your Past Budget Successes and Failure

It is important to look to past mistakes and successes in order to effectively plan for the future. Analyzing your 2020 budget will give you a brief overview of your current IT financial position. Understanding what happened over the past year will help you to make educated decisions for next year’s budget.

Keep an Estimated Budget

An estimated budget allows you flexibility to account for damages, system failures, and anything else that might go wrong. It also allows you flexibility in case anything essential increases in cost throughout the year.

Budget for Repairs and Replacements

Repairs and replacements are inevitable in any working system. Some of these miscellaneous costs are:

  • Mechanical devices are wearing out.
  • Electrical devices burn their components.
  • Devices not working due to aging factors
  • Mishandled equipment like keyboards

Managed IT services will compare the cost of repair or replacement and consider which is best for the company. 

An updated inventory of the company’s IT machines is important- it will ensure that you make informed budget decisions for the year. It will help you to be aware of your equipment’s current situation and any possible breaks in order to draw a reasonable IT budget in 2021.

Align Your Budget With Your Goals

Each company sets different expectations at the beginning of the year. By analyzing 2020’s performance and results, the new expectations are discussed and written down. 

The new goals define the budget for the year by dictating 2021’s activities, such as:

  • Any additional personnel needed to perform the consultation and maintenance services.
  • Additional tasks needed to delegate in order to achieve specific functions for the year
  • The tools required to perform specific tasks
  • IT consultation and maintenance fee

It is essential to have regular maintenance scheduled for your equipment, perhaps every four months. A fixed budget limits the maintenance scope. It is difficult to predict the machine’s rate of spoilage accurately, but if you conduct regular maintenance, you will be able to predict failure more accurately. 

Some equipment will break without warning, while the functionality of some deteriorates over time. A regular examination will help you to minimize your repair costs. However, the maintenance costs will increase due to the amount of work done in repair, replacements, and installations. This is where hiring managed IT services can be helpful and cost effective.

Invest in Security and Training

Cybersecurity is an essential factor in any IT setup. There are many kinds of cyber attacks today: piracy, virus, hacking, phishing, etc.  It requires strict management from the managed IT services to protect the data and information of the client. 

Preventive measures such as firewalls, passwords, and biometrically protected accounts, are put in place to reduce the risk of losing data or ‘outsiders’ accessing the information. The cost of updating these systems can be relatively high, and it should be regularly updated to keep off upcoming hacking techniques.

It is also essential to have extensive IT training for employees. Training builds their careers by learning about the different IT techniques, while also benefiting the company. If trained properly, employees can be on the lookout for possible system failures or hacks.

The cost of training is variable, but often worth the extra cost. Try not to repeat the same kind of training each year. Diversify the training by sourcing different options in the market. Make sure to update your budget after settling down on the type of training.