Why Cheap IT is Expensive

man working on IT equipment

Every company needs its IT services to be both affordable and dependable. Affordable, however, does not mean cheap. Cheap IT help does not correct complex issues. Companies that promote extremely cheap IT services may rely on quick and temporary measures to get your network up and running every time it fails. You can then expect your IT to fail again in the near future. These are simply band-aid fixes.

These cheap IT companies may offer you savings on their service calls, but you really need technicians who install and monitor your hardware and software and put long-term solutions in place. You need an IT company that you can count on to prevent issues instead of simply fixing them.


When your system goes down, your company loses money. A lot of it. Even small companies will lose thousands of dollars every time their system shuts down. Consumers cannot place orders or get the service they need. Often, they will go to your competitors for help.  Also, cheap IT solutions may get your service back up one day, only to see it fail again the next. 

You need to hire a team that can identify the real problems and fix them so that downtime is minimized. Cheap IT usually means more profit-busting downtime over the long term. 

Employee Productivity

Inexpensive IT services often lead to poor employee productivity. When your staff battles hardware and software problems each and every day, they simply cannot accomplish what they need to do. 

While a cheap IT service will charge less for each online or in-person service call, they will end up making multiple calls when a more accomplished service will only need one. Your employees must have fully functioning IT to deliver the results that your bottom line demands. 

Enhanced Cloud Service

Companies now rely on cloud computing to offer storage and services like SaaS and IaaS. You need an IT company that knows the cloud solutions that can deliver results.

The Stasmayer Difference

Stasmayer Incorporated offers superior IT service at reasonable prices. We do not believe in cheap because it costs you more in the long run. Instead, our award-winning company gives you the best in managed IT and security services, IT consulting, cloud services, and Office 365 services. 

Improve your IT by setting up a meeting with Stasmayer representatives today. Simply fill out a short online form or call (843) 548-3952. Cheap IT service gives you inferior results.