Managing and Growing Your Home Services Business While Out In The Field

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When you’re out in the field, the top priority is to have your customer’s best interests at heart. That means being responsive and proactive when it comes to their needs. And using the latest home services IT helps you get the job done right while exceeding customer expectations.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how managed IT services can help your home services business grow and stay competitive. 

Customer First

So, what is “customer first?” In the home services industry, it’s all about the customer experience. From the first phone call to the final invoice, you want your customers to have a positive experience. That means being responsive to their needs and questions. It also means going above and beyond to solve their problems.

Implementing a “customer first” approach involves putting the customer and their needs at the center of your business. In other words, they’re the main focus of every business decision you make.

IT Consulting

When it comes to making your business more efficient while saving money, one of the best places to start is with IT consulting. Downtime caused by network failure alone can cost your business $5,400 a minute. With IT consulting, you can find the most effective ways to avoid those major shutdowns and the costs that come with them.

An experienced IT company that knows home services IT can help you assess your options, install new tech, and maintain your systems so that your business runs at peak efficiency. Working with IT professionals saves money and time as you won’t have to buy new software and try it out to see what works—you’ll have access to invaluable expertise and consulting. 

At Stasmayer, we offer a wide range of IT consulting services. We’ll pair you with one of our industry experts that will help assess your current technology and make recommendations for both short and long-term solutions.

We can help you choose the right software for your business and implement it in a way that makes sense for your workflow. Our experts will also train your staff on how to use the new software so you can hit the ground running.

Digital Transformation

With so many indispensable home services IT solutions on the market, businesses must embrace digital transformation to stay competitive. Digital transformation is the process of using technology to create new or improved business processes, products, and services.

An example of this digital transformation is GPS fleet tracking technology. Verizon conducted a study which found that 96% of fleets found their GPS technology beneficial, and there was even an 11% decrease in accidents. This is just one example of the endless benefits of going digital. 

Businesses that implement new software, automate tasks, and transition from paper records to digital storage can increase productivity and leverage technology for competitive growth.  

Digital adoption is an essential growing pain for businesses that want to increase efficiency, communication, workflows, and customer service. Digital transformation helps companies to save money and increase their bottom line. Working towards digitization is also a proven way to keep up with your competition, regardless of your industry.

Cloud Solutions

With cloud solution software, you can store your data and access it from any location with an internet connection. The type of platform or company you use for your cloud depends on your business and the needs you have—such as increased security for extremely sensitive information.

Cloud solutions are cost-effective, easy to use, and allow you to access your data from anywhere. They’re also scalable, so you can increase or decrease your storage as needed.

Ways to implement this for your home services business could be managing your customer database, scheduling appointments, tracking technician productivity, and invoicing customers—all from one platform.

If you’re not sure where to start, working with a managed service provider like Stasmayer is a great option. We can help you assess your needs, choose the right cloud solution, implement it, and provide ongoing support. This takes the burden off of you and your staff so you can focus on running your business.


As businesses become more digitized, it’s essential to implement cybersecurity measures to protect your data. There are many ways to improve cybersecurity for home services companies. 

Some foundational cybersecurity practices include encrypting and backing up data, using two-factor authentication, installing security software, and creating a business continuity plan. 

Using cybersecurity measures to secure your data ensures business longevity and is worth it in the long run. With the right practices in place, you can protect your data and keep your business running smoothly without losing critical data or facing substantial financial repercussions.

Partnering with an IT Solutions Provider like Stasmayer Makes All the Difference! 

Managing and growing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. By following the tips in this blog post, you can improve your customer service, automate tasks, and embrace digital transformation. 

And don’t forget that partnering with a managed service provider can take the burden off of you and your staff. Outsourcing your IT adds extra layers of protection to your data, helps you to get your work done faster, and cuts down on your costs. You can put all of that time and money back into what you do best and leave the rest to us. 

Contact Stasmayer to learn more about our home services IT solutions and grow your business.