Manage Change at Your Law Firm

There comes a point in the life of any law firm where things feel a bit … chaotic. Inefficient and outdated tools are often a root cause to inefficient processes or lost time.

But, while systems/programs aren’t perfect, they’re known. And it’s easier to deal with the known than the unknown. Bottom line: change is scary…especially when it comes to tools and technology.

That’s why we gathered legal experts to give law firms their take on how to manage change effectively, as it relates to systems and tools:

  1. When is it time to change?
  2. How to get everyone at your firm on board with change?
  3. How to change without disturbing day-to-day productivity?

Change is scary–especially when it comes to new legal technology.

Check out Stasmayer’s, Dave Staitis, interview with CLIO where he gives a checklist on how to pick the right legal software, shares a story of a firm that kept operating during a hurricane, and shows you how to effectively manage change at your law firm when implementing new technology.

Watch the short clip, below and if you are ready to speak to our team you can schedule a meeting by visiting us here.