Bill the Paralegal—Good Cybersecurity Practices


Once upon a time, there was a Law Firm.

Every day, they were happy and took care of their Clients.

Then one day, Bill the Paralegal clicked a phishing link in his email which compromised the firm’s network.

Because of that, hackers got access to all their client data and financial information.

Because of that, the firm’s reputation and trust was gone in seconds.

Teach Bill Not to Click.

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Consequences of Getting Hacked

Hackers pose a large threat to businesses including, but not limited to, law firms, doctors offices, and other companies that store sensitive information. 

When clients give their personal information including birthdates, social security numbers, credit card information, and addresses to businesses, they trust that information will be secured and protected by that business’s cybersecurity best practices, and only accessed by authorized personnel. 

However, because that information is beneficial to hackers looking to make money by selling information, occasionally business networks can be compromised, leading to that client data being stolen and falling into the wrong hands. 

Not only can this stolen information be bad news for the clients themselves, but it is bad news for the business itself. When information is stolen, businesses have the liability to inform their customers of the breach. 

This can lead to reduced client trust, because the customers do not feel their information is secure with the business anymore. Consequently, businesses can lose customers and thus, lose money, simply because their business network is not secure.

Avoid Data Breaches—Improve Cybersecurity Practices

Although data breaches are difficult to predict, there are some things your business can do in order to improve cybersecurity and thus prevent any hackers from gaining access to sensitive data.

First, because technology systems are always evolving, it is critical that you continue to update your business software and hardware systems to keep anything from slipping through the cracks.

Second, although it seems like a small detail, continually updating and changing user passwords is a good way to ensure hackers cannot gain access to your system. Using smart passwords that are random, nonsensical combinations of letters (capitalized and non-capitalized), numbers, and symbols will keep your system much more secure than a simple password, such as ‘password’ or a pet’s name. 

Third, to avoid what happened to Bill the Paralegal, train employees and authorized users on your system to be extremely alert while checking emails and to avoid clicking any links that come from unknown senders. Clicking on links in phishing emails is an easy way to get caught in a hacker’s trap. Setting up parameters and filters on your email can ensure that very few spam emails get through, but those filters aren’t foolproof. 

Lastly, hiring a managed service provider such as Stasmayer is a great way to ensure that cybersecurity systems stay secure. They will manage all system updates, and repairs, and investigate any potential threats. A managed service provider monitors your systems 24/7 and takes the stress of worrying about hackers off of your shoulders.

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**This happened locally. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.