How to Encourage Digital Transformation without Putting Your Data at Risk      

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As digital companies continue to drastically reshape industry after industry, many companies are beginning to find themselves dangerously vulnerable to digital threats as they embrace digital transformation post-COVID-19.

Whether it’s offering digital products or services, optimizing customer service, improving customer engagement, or expanding digital channels for customer payment processes, digital transformation involves many risks that must be carefully managed and mitigated. Luckily, a managed service provider like Stasmayer can help reduce your business risk while embracing technology.

How the Pandemic Left Businesses Vulnerable

When the pandemic first swept across the globe, threatening lives and personal health, businesses had to adjust to a new way of working. Remote work was difficult to get used to, and most companies struggled in finding the right digital tools to ensure employees could still work and collaborate effectively. 

The fast-paced digital transformation meant that there was no time for adequate security protocols and procedures to be put into place. As a result, digital businesses were left wide open to digital threats, leaving them vulnerable to malware attacks and data breaches. Cybercriminals took advantage of the pandemic with a surge of phishing attempts and over 500 thousand people affected by a cyber breach. 

Rising Risks Due to Digital Transformation

With malicious threat actors already on the rise, let’s take a look at a few that have only been exacerbated by the rapid digital transformation:

  • Phishing Email Scams: Phishing emails are one of the most common digital threats, and they have only gotten more sophisticated with digital transformation. With remote workers now scattered across different locations and devices, phishing scams can be used to target unsuspecting employees in order to gain access to company data or financial information. This is why it’s imperative that your team is trained on best security practices. 
  • Data Leakage: With so much secure data being shared and exchanged between companies, it’s easy for confidential information to get into the wrong hands. Leaked customer data can lead to serious financial loss as well as damage to a company’s reputation.
  • Ransomware: As digital transformation has made it easier for companies to move data quickly, cybercriminals have used this as an opportunity to easily encrypt or lock organizations out of their systems and data. This leaves organizations vulnerable to ransomware attacks where digital criminals demand a ransom in exchange for digital access.

How to Protect Digital Assets While Embracing New Technology

Fortunately, there are proactive steps that businesses can take to ensure their digital assets and procedures remain secure during digital transformation:

Create a Digital Transformation Strategy

Having an effective digital transformation strategy is essential for protecting digital assets from cyber threats. A comprehensive plan should include clear goals and objectives, as well as a detailed roadmap for how the company will implement its digital solutions and security measures. Partnering with an IT consulting company can help you develop a strategic plan for utilizing new technology and software within your organization. 

Train Employees on Cybersecurity Best Practices

It’s important for all employees to understand how cyber threats can impact the business as a whole, as well as the importance of cyber hygiene and best practices. This should include security awareness training on how to identify suspicious activity, such as phishing scams, malware attacks, and possible data breaches.

Use Software Solutions to Secure Data

Invest in digital security solutions that are designed to protect digital assets from digital threats. These cybersecurity solutions can be used for a variety of purposes, including encryption, authentication, access control, vulnerability scanning, threat detection, and more.

Don’t Forget – Let the Security Professionals at Stasmayer Help

With award-winning technology solutions from Stasmayer, you can rest assured that your digital assets are protected from threat actors. Our team of experienced IT professionals will work with your team to develop an effective digital transformation strategy tailored to your business needs and business goals.  Stasmayer can help ensure that your data remains safe during this time of rapid change. 

To learn more about cybersecurity and how to protect your business, reach out to security professionals from Stasmayer today. We’ve helped dozens of companies improve their cybersecurity posture while adopting new technology and digitally transforming.