5 Critical Elements of Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity within Your Organization

cybersecurity team

Too often we are seeing businesses invest in cybersecurity solutions long after an attack or data breach. The hard truth is that this is just way too late. With the average cost of a data breach hovering somewhere around $4.35 million, do you think your business can afford to be reactive with your security for too much longer? 

If we want to make the long overdue mindset switch from reactive to proactive, it starts within your business culture. If you are looking to create a culture of cybersecurity in your organization, here are five elements that need to be addressed.

1. Invest in Security Awareness Training

Your employees are the front line of your business and without proper training, they can fall victim to a suspicious email.  Phishing attacks were up 36% in 2022 – Don’t let your team’s lack of security awareness training be the Achilles heel for your organization’s security. Regularly scheduled training programs will not only help them understand the importance of cybersecurity but also how they can protect themselves and your data from potential threats. 

2. Test Your Security Regularly 

Create and adhere to a comprehensive security testing schedule that includes vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, phishing simulations, and more. The results of these tests will allow your organization to identify any potential vulnerabilities in its systems and networks, as well as how they can be patched or secured against future threats.

3. Develop Secure Practices & Policies

All companies should have established policies outlining secure IT practices, such as password complexity requirements or downloading processes from external sources. Establishing procedures for data access control and encryption are also important steps to take in creating a secure environment for everyone within the organization. Some policies and practices you may want to enforce include:

  • Establishing roles and responsibilities for handling sensitive data
  • Educating employees on safe practices when working with sensitive information
  • Creating an incident response plan in the event of a breach or attack

4. Implement Robust Cybersecurity Technology

There is no way around it; incorporating security technologies into your organization’s infrastructure is vital if you want to have true cybersecurity. Technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and managed antivirus solutions will help your organization combat threats from outside forces while keeping data within secure boundaries. 

5. Monitor & Respond to Threats

Establishing a team that can monitor potential threats on an ongoing basis and responds accordingly will be essential in developing a culture of cyber security within your organization. Partnering with an IT security partner like Stasmayer helps detect threats early on. With early detection, our team can implement strategies to stop threat actors and save your organization considerable time and resources in the long run.  

Celebrate Your Teams Cybersecurity Culture Wins 

Creating a culture of cyber security does not have to be daunting or intimidating. By following these five elements, you can start building a secure environment for your employees and customers alike. After all, the safety of our data is paramount – now more than ever before.

If you or your organization need help with making this shift, Stasmayer is here to help. Our fully managed IT services are designed to protect your business and its data from potential threats while simultaneously helping you create a culture of cyber security within your organization. Give us a call today and let’s shift your teams’ mindset to a proactive cybersecurity one.