How Mature Is Your Law Firm?

Running a law firm is challenging! You can improve your firm’s productivity, collaboration and IT security by analyzing your law firm’s technological maturity level and then implementing changes along the way.

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Is your law firm as a whole focusing at least 30 hours of a 40 work week on client facing matters?*
Do you use a practice management system?*
Do you use a digital intake system?*
Do you accept online payments?*
Do you work with an hourly break fix support person for your IT needs?*
Do you leverage the cloud and use a single cloud filing solution firm wide to work with and access files from anywhere?*
Do you give regular attention to the maintenance of existing systems and ensure they are up to date?*
Do you have a technology roadmap? 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plan?*
Do you have a managed security offering in place?*
Do you have a technology training system in place for your employees to leverage your systems to the fullest?*