We Love Our Clients

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Stasmayer is the trusted IT Solutions partner of many businesses and organizations. One of Stasmayer’s happy customers is Charleston Legal Access, a Law Firm and nonprofit organization that assists in providing sliding-scale, affordable legal services so that those that would not otherwise be able to afford legal services are still able to have access to them. The goal of Charleston Legal Access is to expand access to justice by providing legal services to those in need. 

We sat down with Lana Kleiman, the executive director of Charleston Legal Access, to discuss how Stasmayer has helped their business to solve problems they were facing with their IT. 

Kleiman praised Stasmayer for their constant and consistent support, regardless of how big or small the IT issue is. “Before working with Stasmayer, if our printer was broken, I had to be the one to fix it, or I was on the phone with my husband trying to fix it,” Kleiman explained. Minor IT issues that plague every business became a large point of stress for those working at Charleston Legal access, and ultimately took people like Lana away from their important roles and responsibilities at the nonprofit. 

With Stasmayer offering to step in and help, Lana and others at Charleston Legal Access no longer needed to worry about troublesome IT issues. “Having support where I can pick up the phone and say the printer isn’t working, and someone would come and fix it, is amazing,” Kleiman said. “Before Stasmayer, it was a process to figure out who to even call to get help in the first place—I was spending hours on the phone to get IT help. It was such a process. Working with Stasmayer helps me to feel secure and comfortable because she doesn’t need to worry about potential IT issues.

On top of time-saving and stress-reducing IT management solutions, Stasmayer was able to perform a security and general IT audit and help Charleston Legal Access to upgrade systems and products that were old and out of date, which saved time and money by avoiding future complications. “Stasmayer offered us help by implementing a CLIO management system,” Kleiman said. “We had no IT services, which could really set us back. Connecting us with CLIO software helped so much— not only did it save us stress, but now there are no more hours spent on invoicing and other tasks.”

“Stasmayer helps, because when an IT issue arises, my staff knows who to call,” Kleiman says. “We are so grateful for Stasmayer’s IT help. We feel privileged to have access to this kind of service.”

If your business is looking for improved IT services with a managed services provider that values your business’s purpose and acknowledges your business’s specific needs, contact Stasmayer today! We would love to help you find IT solutions that benefit your business.